Q: Unable to play 1080p videos?

A: Due to funding issue. Full HD video (1080p+ if you saw the icon available in player) are only accessible for sponsor member (vip).

* Donate 5 USDT : 1 month, 15 USDT : 3 months, 25 USDT : 6 months, 50 USDT : one year

* We accept USDT via TRC-20 for donation.

* Address USDT (TRC-20): TYpf3X4gMAx4HFqDt7AgNZaqduo2naj5UB

Please fill in your user name and crypto address Contact Form after payment.

Q: Benefit of being a registered member?

A: 2x Increase in streaming speed. (10x for vip member)

Q: Why my video title and content has been modified?

A: To increase accuracy of video content. Our system use AI automation add more detail information to text content. You may freely change or make edit anytime.

Please use our Support Form for other inquiry.


We accept USDT for advertising payment.

Please contact our agent via Telegram: @adxagent